Laser Biostimulation Therapy

Introducing Genova™ Laser Biomodulation Therapy

The ideal solution for wound healing and pain reduction:

  • For analgesic and biomodulation treatments
  • The optimal laser wavelength for biomodulation
  • A unique collimated homogeneous beam profile
  • Fast, patient-friendly and effective

How does biomodulation (LLLT) work?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) involves the application of low-power laser light to injuries and lesions. It is used to promote wound healing in cases of healing defects by inducing an increase in mitotic activity and the number of fibroblasts, as well as collagen synthesis, neovascularization and a decreased level of pain.2 Laser light is absorbed into the mitochondria and cell membranes of the target cells, leading to an increased level of molecular kinetic energy.

Advantages of the Genova Laser Biomodulation Therapy

It is clinically proven to stimulate wound healing in skin, mucosa and bone tissue, and also provides pain reduction and anti-inflammatory effects.



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