Over 30 million Americans suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.  TMJ disorders can be painful with individuals experiencing severe headaches, earaches, locking of the jaw, difficulty eating, facial pain and more.  For some, the pain can be debilitating and makes it challenging to navigate their daily lives.

 At Erskine Family Dentistry, Dr. Susan Cocquyt, Dr. Lori Risser and Dr. Bonni Boone are dentists who specialize in helping patients find relief from pain and achieve a healthy aligned bite.  A treatment that we offer in South Bend, Indiana that can relieve patients from pain and discomfort is DTR Therapy – the latest in dental technology.


Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) Therapy uses the proven, data based technology  in Tekscan (computerized bite analysis) and EMG  to determine what is causing facial muscles to hyperfunction.  By using digital bite analysis our Doctors are able to determine and measure teeth and muscles that are overloaded.  These overloaded teeth and muscles create TMJ disorder symptoms.

DTR Therapy allows our Doctors to measure pressure, timing, and muscle activity in real time and uses data to make accurate micro – adjustments to the teeth.  The result is a better balanced bite and more functional muscle activity without medication , appliances, invasive surgery, or lengthy dental procedures.


While DTR Therapy is most commonly used for patients with TMJ disorders, the treatment is not limited to TMJ.  If you are experiencing the following symptoms, DTR Therapy could be right for you:

  • TMJ disorder symptoms
  • Bite feels off/ pain after dental work
  • Bite feels off/ pain after braces or Invisalign
  • Facial pain, Meniere’s Disease, Trigeminal Neuralgia pain
  • Migraines and other headache pain

We can use DTR therapy to determine what is causing bite pain or discomfort for each patient’s individual situation.  Patients can experience a reduction in pain and discomfort after just one appointment.  If you are in the South Bend area and DTR Therapy is something that you are interested in, please call for a consultation.  Dr. Susan Cocquyt, Dr. Lori Risser and Dr. Bonni Boone are three of only 49 dentists in the world that are DTR Certified. 



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