NightLase®, SnoreLase & Smoothlase™

Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Our dentists may recommend laser therapy to help manage this condition and improve your health. Using the Fotona NightLase® and the SnoreLase lasers, Dr. Lori Risser, Dr. Susan Cocquyt & Dr. Bonni Boone can help you breathe easily at night and get the rest you need. Call Erskine Family Dentistry at 574-299-9300 for more information about NightLase and SnoreLase in South Bend, IN and make your appointment!

Sleep apnea occurs when the airway is blocked — usually by the tongue rolling back or the soft tissues of the throat collapsing. When left untreated, it can contribute to a broad range of medical and psychological problems that impact your health and quality of life. Our skilled dentists may recommend NightLase and SnoreLase therapy as an adjunct to treatment such as oral appliances or CPAP devices.

NightLase® & SnoreLase

These treatments work by applying a laser to the soft tissues of the throat, heating and tightening them so that they remain open while you sleep and allow you to breathe easily. Your laser treatment will require three to four sessions over a period of six to eight weeks for you to receive the full benefits of your care.

Some advantages of NightLase and Snorelase include:

  • Results that last up to a year
  • A repeatable treatment
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Completely non-invasive treatment
  • Fully customized treatment to meet your needs



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